Safe-Smart Emergency Gas Valves

Eagle Shield Safe-Smart Emergency Gas Valves

Can your gas be turned off automatically in an emergency?

In an emergency, do you and your family members know how to turn off the gas supply to your home?
Unfortunately, most people don’t.

Natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes significantly raise the risk of potentially catastrophic gas leaks when building damage causes the gas line to break. Gas line breaks can also be caused by building renovations, household mishaps or simply by moving a gas appliance. When the line breaks, gas escapes into the air creating the potential for fire.

How It Works

An Eagle Shield Safe-Smart Emergency Gas Valve protects your family by automatically shutting off the natural or propane gas to a home as soon as a break is detected by any excessive flow of gas. Utility companies around the world have utilized our technology in their high pressure lines and plants for years. And now, the same technology is available to protect homeowners from potentially deadly gas fires and explosions.

How does the Safe-Smart Emergency Gas Valve know there is a break in the gas line?

Each Emergency Gas Valve is designed for a specific amount of gas flow and pressure. Gas flow will not exceed its normal flow rate unless there is a break in the line, allowing gas to flow freely into your home. Once the Safe-Smart Gas Valve detects that gas flow exceeds the maximum pressure, the internal float is forced up instantly shutting off the gas flow.

A Safe-Smart Emergency Gas Valve also protects your home when there is any dangerous surge in the system, such as a regulator failing. When pressure exceeds 2 psig this pressure forces the valve to the closed position.

You don’t have to replace or reset our product if a break in the gas line occurs. Safe-Smart Emergency Gas Valves are designed to automatically reset after the break has been repaired. Once repaired, a small bypass on the valve lets the system pressurize automatically forcing the valve to the open position, ready to protect you again.

Built to Last

Eagle Shield Safe-Smart Gas Valves have a limited lifetime warranty that protects against any defects in the valve. Normal operating temperature is -20 to 150 °F and every valve is factory tested before shipping to assure quality.

Certified by Leading Organizations

Safe-Smart Emergency Gas Valves have approvals from all the leading excess flow valve industry organizations including: CSA (Canadian Standards Association), DSA (Department of the State Architect), State Fire Marshall, International Association of Firemen and listed with IAPMO (International Association of Plumbers and Mechanical Officials).

Exclusive Patented Technology for Your Safety
Eagle Shield Safe-Smart Emergency Gas Valves feature proprietary technologies and are manufactured, and protected, under the following US Patents:

4,958,657 “Gas Supply Safety Device”
5,551,476 “Balanced-Flow Gas Safety Valve”
5,704,391 “Gravity-Operated Gas Shut-Off Valve”

Professional Installation
Installation of a Safe-Smart Emergency Gas Valve should only be performed by a qualified Eagle Shield installation specialist registered to perform work on gas piping systems.

Based on the type of gas meter and gas appliances in your home, your Eagle Shield Energy Consultant can determine exactly the best type and configuration of Safe-Smart Emergency Gas Valves for your home. A member of our trained team of professionals will quickly and efficiently install your Safe-Smart Emergency Gas Valve in just a few short hours.

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